Platform Development

We offer our customers smart, efficient and easy to use platforms, built around Drug, Target/Biomarker and Disease concepts, integrating expression data, pathway diagram, structure details, variant information and many more. Dedicated browsers, developed with customer specifications, enable data exploration, analysis and drawing conclusion effortless.

  • Well structured database model enables “complex cause and effect\net outcome” based studies
  • Combines data content with data analysis
  • Support meta-analysis: integrates the results of several independent studies.
  • Varied data filtration options help researchers to rapidly narrow in on what is most relevant.
  • Intelligent coupling of Databases and Analytical tools.
  • Well-built Ontology mapping.
  • Quick Navigation.
  • Pathway view in Cytoscape.
  • Easy to Plug-in third party databases.
  • Customizable Report formats
  • Easy to generate ‘Target report’


  • sunbioit-silder[1]