Bioanalysis Services

SunBio offers its clients customizable pipeline to handle both microarray and Next Generation sequencing data. The integrative approach followed by us helps in quickly and accurately determining the differential Genes, Splice Variants, microRNAs and SNPs involved. Our approach also helps in deducing the functions performed by these Genes by mapping them to literature proofs and pathway-centric databases. In addition to a detailed report on analysis carried out and results obtained, we provide to our user a comprehensive report summarizing the experimental values and biological mechanisms underlying the observed effects.

  • Genomics to Functional mapping: Sequence to Gene to Pathway.
  • Pre-processing and annotating public datasets to enable in-house analyses.
  • Identify differential Genes, perform gene clustering and pathway mappingacross various microarray platforms.
  • Enable pattern search.
  • NGS analysis: To identify differential Genes, fusion Genes, SNP and CNV, Splice variants, microRNA, Epigenetic analysis.
  • Disease/Drug/Pathway modelling : system biology approach.


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