SunBio LabTicket system acts as an interface between the Chemistry team and the Analytical team. While processing the chemical sample for Analytical test the Chemists in the API or formulation department can request for the analytical tests and the system will generate a ticket. The ticket will be then accepted by the analytical team for the test. Once the Analytical reports are ready the chemist will get a confirmation about the reports.

Why SunBio LabTicket?

  • Online Analytical test requisition Form for R&D API and formulation.
  • Robust workflow system to approve/deny the samples.
  • Option to prioritize the sample as per the requirement.
  • Queuing system to provide instant updates on ticketing status at every stage.
  • Powerful structure based search (Exact, Sub and Similarity Structure)

Key Benefits:

  • Paperless laboratory – all reports, documents are tracked in the system.
  • Tracks the requests, approval and submission of the reports.
  • Facilitates repeating of tests automatically
  • Efficient, optimized role based process.
  • Improves overall Operational efficiency.
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